Improving conveyor production efficiency using computer vision

How does it work

Allows you to obtain data on the actual development of each employee quickly.
The system provides online monitoring of intermediate and final results of order fulfillment.
Allows you to motivate employees for the result.

Minimization of the human factor

Accounting staff development produces artificial intelligence

Intuitive interface

Simple interface allows wizards to receive data quickly

Prompt response

If an employee fails to comply with the production standards, the production director receives information about deviations (by sms, email)


Convenient reports in Excel format

Morigan.Lean system example


An innovative solution that increases the competitiveness of your company

Production Manager

Operational control over the production process
Execution of orders by staff on time – without disrupting supplies
Increase the motivation of employees of the conveyor line
Maximum load of current equipment

Commercial Director

Reducing the indirect costs of manufacturing products
Reducing the cost of additional equipment and personnel


Salary based on individual productivity
Fair and objective payroll

How to integrate the solution

Step 1: Installation of several video cameras above the conveyor where product packaging is carried out

Step 2: Marking work areas for each worker conveyor

Step 3: Installation and configuration of Morigan video analytics software, which understands and calculates the substrate from each conveyor operator

Step 4: Training staff to use the "Morigan" at their workplace

Step 5: Receiving automatic reports for the selected period of staff

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“Cost Reduction and Performance Improvement with Morigan.Lean”

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