Automated control of industrial safety requirements using computer vision

How it works

Morigan.Safe will allow
ensure compliance with industrial safety and labor protection requirements

Automatic detection

The system recognizes the absence of a helmet on the head of the employee, being in the danger zone, transport


Formation of reports with photo-fixation of the event

Formation of acts

Automatic preparation of acts of violations and safety standards, labor protection

Prompt response

Sound notification of a violation in the place of detection, sending a notification (sms, email)

24/7 productivity

System work without interruption and fatigue

Mobile Access

The ability to broadcast video data – with access control, system management from mobile devices

An example of the system Morigan.Safe


Fulfillment of regulatory requirements by contractors, improvement of the company’s image

The head of the site

Effective tool for monitoring work safety

Head of Industrial Safety

Reducing injuries in the production area, reducing penalties


Compliance with labor protection conditions

System integration procedure

Step 1: Pre-Project Survey

Step 2: Design, writing TK, contract

Step 3: Install the equipment

Step 4: Setup, Testing

Step 5: Technical Support

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